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We are a local business Fact Sheet

Power Plus Technology Limited is a New Brunswick company that has been operating since 1999. We currently own and operate Irving Gas and convenience stores in Moncton and Hanwell.

We decided to purchase the Hanwell property in August 2012 with plans to build an Irving Gas and convenience store in the area. Our facility opened on June 23, 2014. Two businesses Burger King and Quiznos operate within our facility.

We look forward to being a long-term, local business in Hanwell and being part of a strong local economy.


+ Power Plus Technology Limited has been operating since 1999
+ We opened on June 23, 2014
+ Burger King and Quiznos operate within our facility

Economic Benefits Fact Sheet:

We have invested approximately $2 million in the community. This is a sizeable amount and has helped create new jobs for the residents of Hanwell and provide new options for local customers. Our facility includes an Irving gas bar, convenience store, Quiznos and Burger King. Now that we are operational, we have generated approximately 35 local full-time and part-time employment jobs such as shift supervisors, managers and customer service attendants. The development of this location also created many local jobs in the contracting and landscaping sectors such as:

Construction/Project Managers 
Architectural consultants/engineers 
Petroleum installation specialists 
Concrete suppliers 
Masonry finishers
Roofing services
Cold room suppliers 
Drywall and painting services 
Electrician services 
Plumbing services 
And many more…


+ Power Plus Technology Limited has invested $2 million in the community
+ 35 local full-time and part-time employment jobs have been created

Business Experience

Power Plus Technology has been operating since 1999. In the year 2000, Power Plus Technology purchased the Magnetic Hill gas and convenience store in Moncton. This store has been very successful and is one of the busiest gas stations in Moncton and the first ever convenience store to have Tim Hortons and Subway. We have provided economic benefits to the residents of the Magnetic Hill area in Moncton. Depending on the season, we have approximately 13-18 full-time employees. As a team, we are greatly involved in our community through various fundraisers and donations to Ducks Unlimited, Lutes Mountain Meeting House and Magnetic Hill Home and School. In Hanwell, we look forward to getting involved with the community through various donations and fundraisers.

+ We have 15 years of business experience and currently operate one of the busiest gas stations in Moncton
+ We are committed to providing positive benefits to communities through various donations and fundraisers
+ We train for tobacco and lotto products with We Expect ID program

Additional Services Offered

The new Hanwell location provides a number of new services to local residents and the general public. It is going to be great for the community, great for other businesses in the area and great for the local economy. More details to come!

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